D/24 Commander, D/C Terry Prather, installs our new commander, Tim Deisher.
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Cdr. Tim Deisher, S
Our Bridge Officers for 2017-18:  From Left - Sam Richey, Executive Officer; Ron Eberhart, Secretary; D/24 Cdr. Prather; Squadron Commander, Tim Deisher; Jay Picking, Administrative Officer; and David Bryant, Treasurer.  D/24 Commander Prather is installing the bridge.
COMMANDER Cdr. Tim Deisher, S mailto:tdeisher@bkd.com EXECUTIVE OFFICER  P/Stf/C Sam Richey, N mailto:srichey8@aol.com ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER P/C David Bryant, S mailto:dbryant@dlbglobal.us   SECRETARY P/C Ron Eberhart, P mailto:ron.eberhart@wowway.com TREASURER P/D/C Janice Elwood, JN  mailto:janice.elwood@gmail.com EDUCATION OFFICER  Ingrid Nunn mailto:Imn1740@yahoo.com Boating Activities  P/D/C Richard J. Rombauer mailto:RKem.rombauer@sbcglobal.net Chaplain  P/C Ron Eberhart mailto:ron.eberhart@wowway.net Historian St/f Sam Richey,SN mailto:srichey8@aol.com    Member Involvement/Activities St/f Sam Richey, SN  mailto:srichey8@aol.com Membership  P/D/C Janice Elwood, JN  mailto:janice.elwood@gmail.com Operations Training   TBD   Public Relations Officer P/C Richard Rombauer, P mailto:RKem.rombauer@sbcglobal.net Ensign Correspondent P/C Ronald Eberhart,P mailto:ron.eberhart@wowway.net The Pilot - Editor, Publisher; DB2000 Administrator; Webmaster P/C Ronald Eberhart,P mailto:ron.eberhart@wowway.net Vessel Safety Check Recreational Boating Safety P/C JayPicking, AP    mailto:evvpicks@aol.com Privacy Statement Disclaimer Statement Trademark Statement