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Cdr. Tim Deisher, S
Amercia’s Boating Club - Evansville Bend is the designation of the horseshoe bend in the Ohio River where the city of Evansville, Indiana is located. Evansville is located at mile marker 792.5 on the Ohio River in the southwestern tip of the state of Indiana.  The area is known as the "Tri-State Area" because of the three states, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois converging.   Crossing the "twin bridges" on Highway 41 leads to Henderson, Kentucky. Through a quirk of early politics, Kentucky owns the Ohio River to the north low water mark. But rather than separating the two states, the river has become a cohesive force joining Indiana and Kentucky people who love boats. Our USPS Squadron, Evansville Bend, includes members from both states. Privacy Statement Disclaimer Statement Trademark Statement    
Our Location  - Evansville, IN