Evansville Bend Sail and Power is a Unit of District 24 of the United  States Power Squadrons. ®.  Many Districts and Squadrons have their own web sites. Be sure to visit the sites and learn more about the Power Squadron experience and the USPS history. Come for the Boating Education...Stay for the Friends.
Cdr. Tim Deisher, S
            Member Educational Events                                  conducted by                       America’s Boating Club  -                Evansville Bend Sail and Power                          To Be Announced at a later date.                                     evansvillebend@gmail.com  --------------------------------------------------- USPS has released three new seminars: 1.  Emergencies on Board This seminar is designed to prepare the prudent skipper for those unfortunate situations involving accidents and emergencies on board. It will provide the skipper with the information to prepare adequately for common emergencies and how to actually deal with them when they occur. Topics such as preventing accidents, running aground, fire, getting lost, towing, medical conditions, as well as other often-encountered emergencies are covered. The seminar comes with the Emergencies on Board Quick Guide—a handy reference to use in responding to emergency situations. 2.  Fuel and Boating This seminar assists the student in understanding the issues and problems involving the handling of gasoline and diesel fuel and how these issues relate to boating. Sections deal with computing and evaluating fuel consumption, system care and safety, and environmental issues associated with fueling a boat. 3.  Tides and Currents   The seminar deals with how the sun and moon create tidal patterns, sources of information about tides and tidal currents, simple ways to predict height of tide and speed of current flow and how to use both print and electronic tide tables.   The seminars we have conducted have been a very successful and popular way to reach boaters in our community and we definitely plan to continue them.  We'll look at the new seminar materials, and possibly add them to our future schedules.  Again, please let me know if there's any particular seminar you're interested in and we'll be sure to schedule it.  The full list of all seminars and their descriptions can be found at:  www.usps.org on the Education Dept. tab.   IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A COURSE AND IT HASN'T BEEN OFFERED  PLEASE Contact  me, SEO Ingrid Nunn  or evansvillebend@gmail.com Privacy Statement Disclaimer Statement Trademark Statement  
SEO Ingrid Nunn Education Officer