Evansville Bend Sail and Power is a Unit of District 24 of the United  States Power Squadrons. ®.  Many Districts and Squadrons have their own web sites. Be sure to visit the sites and learn more about the Power Squadron experience and the USPS history. Come for the Boating Education...Stay for the Friends.
Cdr. Tim Deisher, S
The USPS is a unique, private, self-sustaining fraternal organization dedicated to boating safety, through education with NO Government support or connection. It's members are not only self- educated, but freely offer instruction to anyone who will attend its classes in small boat handling. The only compensation these active members receive for the substantial effort they personally perform in furthering the interests, programs and objectives of USPS, its districts and squadrons, or a combination of these areas, is a MERIT MARK CERTIFICATE, awarded by the Chief Commander for their work in the squadron. A member may receive only one MERIT MARK in a calendar year, regardless of the amount of work accomplished at the Squadron, District, or National level. A MERIT MARK CANNOT BE BOUGHT! Merit Marks Earned Through 2017 (updated 12/30/2017)          EBERHART, Ronald 37 OVERBEE, Charles 33 ELWOOD, Janice 28 RICHEY, Sam 28 HILLS, Craig 27 ELWOOD, Leroy 25 ELWOOD, James 24 GRAPER, Henry 23 RIECKEN, Ron 17 BLANTON, Chuck 16 MAHRENHOLZ, Richard 16 RICHEY, Linda 16 NIX, Harold 15 PICKING, Jay 15 PICKING, Susan 14 MAHRENHOLZ, Sandy 13 GRAPER, Gay 12 ROMBAUER, Richard 11 NIX, Carolyn 10 ROMBAUER, Karen 10 BOSS, Derk 6 WOOD, Donn 5 BRYANT David 4 DEISHER, Tim 3 PERKINS, Jon 3 PHILLIPS, Charolette 3 PHILLIPS, Neil 3 BAUGH, Kenneth 2 BRANSON, Charles 1 MENNER, Tom 1   Privacy Statement Disclaimer Statement Trademark Statement    
Evansville Bend Merit Marks