Past Commanders of                                   Evansville Bend Sail and Power 1977 Herbert Colman 1978 Enock K. Carlson 1979 Ronald L. Riecken 1980 Edward J. Cox 1981 Richard G. Geier 1982 Craig L. Hills 1983 Michael L. Clayton 1984 Richard G. Geier 1985 Ronald P. Eberhart 1986 Ronald P. Eberhart 1987 Donald E. Gamble 1988 George F. Tipsword 1989 Robert A. Brooks 1990 Leroy O. Elwood 1991 Harold W. Nix 1992 Sidney M. Peterson 1993 Willam C. Majors 1994 Janice E. Elwood 1995 Sam W. Richey 1996 Michael A. Tiemann 1997 John D. Trapp 1998 John D. Trapp 1999 Richard E. Mahrenholz 2000 Henry Graper, Jr. 2001 Vivica A. Trapp 2002 Leroy O. Elwood 2003 Willard “Skip” Whitehead 2004 Sandra W. Mahrenholz 2005 Sandra W. Mahrenholz 2006 Ronald J. Steckler 2007 Janice E. Elwood 2008 Keith Gehlhausen 2009 Richard Rombauer 2010 Richard Rombauer 2011 Sam W. Richey 2012 Sam W. Richey 2013 Derk Boss 2014 Jay Picking 2015 David Bryant 2016 David Bryant 2017 Tim Deisher
Evansville Bend Sail and Power is a Unit of District 24 of the United  States Power Squadrons. ®.  Many Districts and Squadrons have their own web sites. Be sure to visit the sites and learn more about the Power Squadron experience and the USPS history. Come for the Boating Education...Stay for the Friends.
Cdr. Tim Deisher, S