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Evansville Bend Sail and Power is a Unit of District 24 of the United  States Power Squadrons. ®.  Many Districts and Squadrons have their own web sites. Be sure to visit the sites and learn more about the Power Squadron experience and the USPS history. Come for the Boating Education...Stay for the Friends.
Cdr. Tim Deisher, S
Evansville Bend History
America’s Boating Club   A Unit of the United States Power Squadron and District 24          EVANSVILLE BEND SAIL AND POWER:  Our club was organized through the efforts of the Kentucky Lake Squadron and District 24. Originally, in 1974 the 11 men in the Evansville, Indiana group who joined USPS were enrolled in the Kentucky Lake Squadron.  EVANSVILLE BEND DIVISION - 1975 to 1976  The formation of the Evansville Bend Division took place on July 14, 1975. Acting Formation Commander was Herbert Colman, S. Appointed were other Acting Formation Officers: Enoch K. Carlson, Jr., S: Executive Officer; Ronald L. Riecken, S: Administrative Officer; E. J. Cox, S: Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Geier, S: Educational Officer.  On August 14, 1975, approval of Division status was received. Those who had been appointed Acting Formation Officers were elected as Formation Officers. The first Public Boating Course conducted by EVANSVILLE BEND DIVISION was presented in September, followed by the Seamanship Course for members. By the end of the year, the Division had 27 members, of which 25 had the Seamanship rating.  In October, 1976, the Division requested approval to become a full-fledged Squadron. There were 30 members at the time.  EVANSVILLE BEND SAIL & POWER  - 1977  On February 20, 1977 members attended a Squadron Formation Meeting. Also present were District Commander David Johnson, District Executive officers Homer Van Atta, Commander William F. Mareum, and several Past Commanders of the Kentucky Lake Squadron. The Roster, Petition for Charter, and transfer forms were signed by members. The Squadron Burgee design was prepared for National approval.  The first officers elected for the EVANSVILLE BEND SQUADRON were:  Commander: Herbert Colman, S; Executive Officer: Enoch K. Carlson, Jr., S;   Administrative Officer: Ronald L. Riecken, S*;  Secretary: Robert B. Henkle, S;  Treasurer: Edward J. Cox, S; Educational Officer: Richard G. Geier, S; Assistant Educational Officer: Jack Strassweg, S        * Current member  On March 11, 1977 the EVANSVILLE BEND SQUADRON was chartered with 29 members by the USPS Governing Board.  AMERICA’S BOATING CLUB - EVANSVILLE BEND - 2018 - Celebrating our 41st Year  Today, EVANSVILLE BEND alson know as America’s Boating Club of Evansville has grown to nearly 40 members including Family Members, Junior Members, Apprentice, and Women Certificate Members.  On May 18, 2011 we officially changed our name to Evansville Bend Sail and Power Squadron to better reflect the boating interests of our members. Or main organization, USPS, is also using the branding phrase - America’s Boat Club to better help define who we are making boatings feel more welcome in becoming members. So, we are also know as America’s Boating Club of Evansville.  Even though we are one of the smaller clubs in District 24 of USPS, we have won many awards for Teaching Aids, numerous Education Awards, and other awards presented by the district.  Our squadron is honored to have three past District 24 Commanders, P/D/C LeRoy O. Elwood, AP, having served his watch year in 1996 - 1997. P/D/C Janice Elwood, JN served as District Commander in 2002 - 2003 and P/D/C Richard E. Mahrenholz, JN  who served as District 24 Commander in 2007 - 2008.  In addition,   P/C Ronald Eberhart, P currently is Chairman of the Publications, Webmaster and Computer Systems for District 24. P/Stf/c Sam W. Richey, N is on the Safety Committee and Chairman of the Vessel Safety Check Committee for D/24.